Sumatra Orangutan Treks

Sumatra Orangutan Treks is an ecotourism service located in Sumatra, Indonesia. Their team consists of local guides who are experienced and knowledgeable about the Sumatran rainforest and orangutan behavior and habitat. They understand the importance of protecting the environment and local communities, and are committed to traveling that is ecologically and socially responsible.

Trekking Experience: One of the main services offered by Sumatra Orangutan Treks is trekking in the rainforests of Sumatra. On this walk, you’ll be guided through scenic trails, across rivers, and through dense rainforest. You will witness the stunning natural beauty, hear the birds singing, and feel the freshness of the natural forest air.

Interaction with Orangutans: Trekking with Sumatran Orangutan Treks provides a rare opportunity to interact directly with Sumatran orangutans. On this trip, you will have the opportunity to see orangutans in their natural habitat, see their daily activities and learn more about this endangered species. Accompaniment by an experienced guide will ensure a safe and ethical experience for both parties.

The Importance of Orangutan Conservation: Sumatran Orangutan Treks also fight for orangutan conservation. Through conservation and education programs, they try to raise awareness and protect the Sumatran orangutan and its habitat. During each trip, they educate tourists about the threats facing orangutans, including habitat destruction and illegal hunting, and ways that can be done to help preserve this species.

Positive Impact on Local Communities: Sumatra Orangutan Treks is also committed to supporting local communities around Sumatra. They seek to employ local guides, support the local economy through purchasing food and goods from local farmers and traders, and making contributions to communities in need.

Sumatra Orangutan Treks are ecotourism trips that offer an immersive and satisfying trekking experience in the Sumatran rain forest, as well as unique interactions with Sumatran orangutans. They not only introduce tourists to natural wonders, but also play a role in orangutan conservation and support local communities. In your journey with Sumatra Orangutan Treks, you will not only create unforgettable memories, but also contribute to the preservation of this precious natural heritage.