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We are a special ethical trek and eco friendly tour


one day orangutan jungle trekking

Explore the Sumatran Rainforest with this 6-7 hours trek and get a chance to discover it’s unique flora and fauna! Spot semi-wild Orangutans and their babies swinging in the trees […]


2 day orangutan jungle trekking

Bukitlawang jungle trekking is a most of our popular trek the two-day trek is for many people the perfect sampling of jungle life – a day’s trek in the Sumatran rainforest […]


3 day lovely orangutan trekking

If you feel like you want to explore more the jungle and look for unique wildlife, the 3 days 2 nights suits you well! you will go deeper in the jungle to explore more to search wild animals […]


4 day orangutan adventure

Go into the wild with this 4 days 3 nights trek. Explore all the richness of the jungle, secrets about medicinal plants and get the chance to meet rare wildlife such as Orangutans […]


5 day Sumatra orangutan adventure

Feel like a real jungle adventurer ? Opt for a stunning 5 days trek and discover all the secret places of the Gunung Leuser National Park: walk through rivers, .. Every night you will put up your tent, […]

Ecoprint Workshop

The making of this ecoprint consists of hand made by a group of women from imbang jaya a village in Bukitlawang, a little explanation of eco print, what is Ecoprinting is a printing technique  […]

Witnessing Giant Flowers

The Giant Flower, or Rafflesia Arnoldii, is a well-known endemic flower in Sumatra. We offer special trips to locations where you can see this beautiful and rare flower […]

Monitoring Orangutan

Orangutan Monitoring is a service offered by our team of experts that focuses on monitoring and research on orangutan populations and habitats. We are committed to protecting and preserving orangutans […]

Cycling Around local villages

Enjoy a fun cycling experience through local villages around Sumatra. With the guide of our guide, you will explore beautiful villages, traverse roads that offer stunning natural views […]

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to answer any other questions you might have. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

  • You might see orangutans on our jungle treks, but there is no guarantee! These animals live out in the wild, and it’s hard to know where they will be at any point of the day.

    Most of the time our guests do see orangutans, however there’s ultimately no guarantee you’ll get to see these creatures in the wild.

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